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Athanasius Kircher

A page about 17th century author and inventor Athanasius Kircher.
Contains a short biography, a few translations and a MIDI- version of a piece for automatic instruments.(There is one English and one Swedish version of the page).

Kircherianum Virtuale Kircherianum Virtuale

Kircherianum Virtuale

A new web index with links to sites concerning Athanasius Kircher and related stuff. Last updated February 1, 2008.


Phonurgias Website

Phonurgia Audio Website

Phonurgia Audio is an audio consulting company. We offer digital transcription from obsolete tape formats, audio restoration, pre-mastering, format conversions, recording and help for musicians to solve computer related problems. There is also a link index, dedicated to music and audio technology and history. For now, the site is only available in Swedish.


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